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St rapheal cathridel
Palakkad, Kerala    View Map

Create: October 01, 2014 05:59pm

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Gap Closers Church International
NV , USA    View Map
Tel: 702-720-3388

Gap Closers Church International is a new “multi-site” church being launched in the city of Las Vegas, NV!  Come be a part of something new and exciting.  For more information call us today at 702-720-3388

Create: September 29, 2014 03:53pm

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The Bridge Church
1330 Foster Dr., NV 89509, USA    View Map
Tel: 775-323-7141

No matter where you are or what season of life you are in, you're welcome here. You'll experience a casual atmosphere with powerful contemporary music and messages that you can apply.

Create: September 23, 2014 02:37am

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Messianic Catholic

The grace of the Lord Yeshua the Messiah, God’s love, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit, be with you all.

Create: September 09, 2014 06:50am

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Valenzuela Phi, CA 02, USA    View Map
Tel: +6309476089123

Simple woman

Create: August 14, 2014 08:50am

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Holy Church
165 California 3th Street New Settlement, Trinidad And Tobago, Caroni, 165    View Map
Tel: 3788043

Create: July 29, 2014 06:14pm

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Dumaguete City, Dumaguete, Negros Oriental, 6200    View Map
Tel: 09264883141

Create: July 28, 2014 11:38pm

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Full of Gossple Church
Kolfe Or Pwlos, Addis Ababa, Adis Abeba    View Map

Create: July 16, 2014 08:33am

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Mar Gerges Heliopolis
Heliopolis, Heliopolis, Al Qahirah    View Map

“قدست هذا البيت الذى بنيته لأجل وضع اسمى فيه الى الأبد وتكون عيناى وقلبى هناك كل الأيام ” ( 1مل 9: 3 )

- 14 برمهات 1674ش- الأحد 23/3/1958 أقيم أول قداس على أرض الكنيسه فى حضور المتنيح الأنبا أنطونيوس أسقف سوهاج والمتنيح أبونا زكريا النخيلى

- 8/4/195

Create: July 07, 2014 02:10pm

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United Methodist
MO , USA    View Map
Tel: 4177930493

Contact me if you would like keep in touch c

Create: July 06, 2014 03:34am

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